dancing240Dancing On The Drive

Out of work, out of money, out of options. Just when advertising executive, Delaney McBride, thinks things can’t get any worse, she learns she’s been left a big inheritance—with a catch. Before she can get the money, she has to return to her hometown, Birch Harbor, and oversee the final weddings at her late aunt’s wedding planning business. Get up to her elbows in white satin, buttercream frosting, and rosebud bouquets? No, thank you.

Not only does Delaney think romance and love are fairytale myths, but she’s never gotten over how she humiliated herself in front Mike Connery, her high school crush. Now Mike is an attorney and executor of her aunt’s will, and it’s all Delaney can do to keep from falling for him again.

Luckily for her heart, the single father is as cynical about relationships as she is. But as they work together to create happily-ever-after for real life Cinderellas, can their own happy ending be far behind?

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Awards & Reviews for Dancing on the Drive

Winner, Booksellers Best Awards

Finalist, Golden Quill Awards

“Everything you could possibly want for a cold winter weekend curled up on the couch. Enjoy!” 
–Fresh Fiction

“Upbeat, witty, and as much fun as the merry-go-round. I breezed through it, a smile on my face from beginning to end . . . I love the way Ms. Ford brings her characters to life. I could see—clearly—every person, each nuance, all the teasing and romantic gazes and feel the connection between this woman’s past and her future. This is a wonderfully well-told romance and this author has a new fan in this reader. I loved it . . . a happily-ever-after that warms your heart.” –Romance Reader at Heart 

“Fast paced and fun . . . full of zany characters and a few mishaps, it’s a delight!”
–RT Book Reviews Magazine

“A delightfully amusing romance that will put a smile on your face. In fact, my husband asked what had me smiling while I was reading this gem of a story. It may have been the likeable characters, or the witty banter, or simply the whole creative plot . . . a ‘not to be missed’ book by first rate author, Pamela Ford.” 
–Cataromance Reviews

“A fantastic, heartwarming romance . . . the love between Delaney and Mike is refreshing and realistic. Pamela Ford did an excellent job bringing life to her characters. This was my first book by this author, but it won’t be my last.” –Romance Junkies

“I was expecting cutesy but I got a lot more. A strong heroine, a nice hero and two people who really see the other for who they are.” –Dear Author

“The vibrant characters feel as if they leaped off the pages and became real . . . this beautiful, optimistic read is excellent.” –Coffee Time Romance

“A dazzling story of the ugly duckling returning to the pond. The flirtatious heat between Delaney and Mike makes you want to turn up the air to cool off.” –NovelTalk

“Everything romance readers are looking for in a novel . . . romantic tension, humor, heartwarming characters, all wrapped around a good plot and good writing.” –Romance Reviews Today 

“Pamela Ford makes you believe in love, romance, and happy endings in this super romantic novel making you believe maybe you can go back!” –Reader to Reader