Honey Glazed 250pxHoney Glazed

Kristin Caruso just wants to meet an ‘S’ man—single, straight, sober, solvent, stable, and successful. So when friends tell her about manhunting at continental breakfast, she goes to four different hotel breakfasts in one week to maximize her chances of finding the perfect guy.

Instead, she is confronted by a handsome stranger who's been at all the same breakfasts as she has—and wants to know what she’s up to. Panicked, she concocts an elaborate cover story and escapes the hotel before he can discover the truth.

Swearing off continental breakfast forever, Kristin throws herself into her job, determined to finally get the promotion she deserves. But the company where she works is in trouble and when a new president is introduced at a company-wide meeting two weeks later, Kristin is shocked to discover he’s the stranger she met at breakfast.

Suddenly she’s frantically scrambling to cover her tracks. And as everything begins to unravel around her, Kristin discovers she’s in for the surprise of her life.

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