kissing240Kissing On The Corner

Annie McCarthy finally has the wonderful life she’s always wanted—a B&B in a charming small town, a circle of friends, a baby on the way, and a handsome husband (or so everyone thinks). She also has a big secret.

Six years ago, Nick Fleming gave her $250,000 to marry him so he could get his trust fund early. After a quickie divorce, the two went their separate ways to pursue their dreams.

Now Nick has arrived with the news that they’re still married and he needs her to sign papers right away so he can marry someone else. The problem is, when Annie came to town she said she was married—to Nick—and everyone thinks he’s the baby’s father. Suddenly Annie is desperate to make another deal with Nick, one that will convince everyone in town that they're happily marriedand prevent her perfectly wonderful life from collapsing under her not-so-wonderful lie.

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Awards & Reviews for Kissing on the Corner

Finalist, Golden Heart Awards 

“Nosy neighbors, inconvenient fiancees and wacky friends ... a whimsical treat!”
RT Book Reviews Magazine 

“Her characters and her small town wrap around our hearts. Emotional and moving.” Rendezvous

“Pamela Ford does an outstanding job of creating a believable hero and heroine. Nick is admirable…  He is one of the few good guys left on this planet Earth. This positive romantic adventure will create vivid pictures in the minds of readers.” The Best Reviews